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How Quarterly Walk-throughs May Help Protect Your Property

Do you schedule annual health and dental checkups? How about oil changes for your car every three to five-thousand miles? Time has an impact on our bodies and our possessions, yet we frequently let home maintenance go ignored until a problem arises. A simple quarterly walk-thru can help find small issues before they become big ones and ultimately save you money. Here’s what to look for during a quarterly maintenance walk-through.

Roofing and Drainage

Your roof is not only designed to keep you dry, but it is the basis of your water drainage system. Check your roof for “bubbles”, uneven areas and missing shingles and make the necessary repairs. Check the gutters to make sure they are clean and clear and that the downspouts are draining properly. Check to ensure water is draining away from your property and that there are no negative impacts to your foundation.

Water Pipes

Small water leaks can create costly problems if left undetected for weeks or months. Water can create mold and rotting wood, which can be serious. Take time every quarter to check under vanities and sinks, looking for leaks. Check toilets and on-off valves to ensure they are working properly. Something as simple as a well-placed paper towel can detect small leaks.

Windows and Doors

Gaps and sticking windows and doors can occur gradually. Shifts in your home and age can create air loss issues. Monitor window gaps and cracks and address them as you notice issues developing. When window maintenance issues become increasingly common, it may be time to consider quieter, more energy-efficient replacement windows.

Exterior and Landscaping

Your quarterly walk-through should include a look at your home’s siding, cement walkways, lawn, landscaping and trees. Look for irregularities in your yard and address trees that may need to be trimmed away from your roof and home. This is also a good time to walk your fence line to see if any fencing you are responsible for needs to be addressed.

We may not cover damage from neglect or abuse. This is just part of the reason home maintenance is so critical. While home insurance can cover a wide variety of claims regarding damage to your home, you are still responsible for maintaining your property. You are also responsible for making sure your home insurance is adequate and up to date. A homeowners insurance review can do that. Contact us to ensure your home is adequately protected. Get your free home insurance review and price quote today.

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