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Why Coin Collecting Is Still A Terrific and Educational Hobby for Kids

Talk of coin shortages have many of us contemplating cashing in that large jug of change in the bedroom or sorting through those coins in various bowls throughout the house. There is no doubt credit cards, debit cards and digital financial services have minimized the need for cash and coins on a daily basis. It may, however, actually enhance the joy of an old hobby: coin collecting. Collecting coins can be an enjoyable and even educational hobby for young people especially. Here’s why.

Attaches a Physical Meaning to Money

In a digital world, money is just becoming credits. Collecting coins demonstrates there is something else associated with these credits…money. It is also worthy to note that that collection has real value as it grows.

Assists With Math

For younger collectors, coins can help build math skills. There are ten cents in a dime four quarters in a dollar etc. It can be a more fun and interesting way to count. One can also use coins for subtraction practice, determining how much older one coin is from another.

Coins Have Historical Significance

Why is Lincoln on the penny? Who is Thomas Jefferson? Why did Kennedy replace Eisenhower on the fifty-cent piece? Why did steel replace copper in the production of pennies for a period in the 1940’s? Collecting coins can help provide the answers

Discover Why Some Coins are More Valuable and Collectible Than Others

A nickle is not always worth more than a penny. A coin’s value can be determined by its scarcity, condition and even the metal it is made from. Even a somewhat casual collector can find a valuable gem of a coin in a handful of change.

It Involves the Thrill of the Hunt

At its very heart, coin collecting is a treasure hunt, looking for specific coins from different mints to fill in your collection. The best part is you can get started with that change in that bedroom jug or even in your pocket.  

It Can Be a Joint Adventure Involving Siblings, Parents and Grandparents

One of the most rewarding parts of coin collecting is that it can become an adventure that involves more than one person. Parents and grandparents can join in on the fun of seeking out coins that help fill in the gaps of a collection.

Looking for a activity or hobby for your young one? Consider collecting coins. It could turn into a valuable lifelong activity.

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