The Midwest’s Playground: Wisconsin Dells

The Midwest’s Playground: Wisconsin Dells

Part of what makes America so great is that each region of the country has its own regional playground where families may spend year after year, returning to explore, relax and create memories. For millions of people in the Midwest, the Wisconsin Dells serve as just such a place. Annually, people from Cleveland, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago and Milwaukee make a trek to the central, middle part of the state of Wisconsin to enjoy The Dells. If, however, you are not from this part of the country, you may never even have heard of it. For others, it served as their annual vacation spot. Here’s a little closer look at the Wisconsin Dells.

The Dells of the Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin Dells is geographically the Dells of the Wisconsin River. Its name is taken from the French “dalles” or slab-like rock formations. It is about a five-mile gorge on the Wisconsin River in the South-Central part of the state that offers extraordinary scenic beauty. Like many parts of the U.S. that feature exceptional natural points of interest and beauty, the area embraced the tourist industry and became a Mecca for vacationing families through the years.

Natural Sandstone Cliffs to Go Karts

While the area is famous for its beautiful sandstone-layered cliffs that can be best appreciated from the river and other outdoor adventures ranging from kayaking, rafting, canoeing and zip lining, the City of Wisconsin Dells embraces visitors with everything from indoor water parks, video arcades, miniature golf and go karts to endless souvenir shops. You can enjoy a trip to the Wisconsin Dells while camping, glamping or by staying in a major resort hotel.

An Almost Year-Round Destination

The advent of large resorts with indoor water-parks and the appreciation of winter sports has made the Wisconsin Dells a nearly year-round destination for families and couples. Those from nearby major cities like Milwaukee and Chicago come to enjoy long weekends and the many special events planned annually. Like many destinations, the Dells has struggled through the pandemic years but are bouncing back to welcome record crowds.

Wisconsin Dells is part Gatlinburg, part Branson, and a bit of Niagra Falls. Nature lovers will appreciate the beauty of this area while there are still plenty of family-friendly, heart-pounding adventures to be had. If you’ve never been to the Wisconsin Dells, it is a place that you should consider for your next vacation.

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