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When is the Best Time to Shop for Auto Insurance?

We often get asked when is the best time to shop for auto insurance. It is as if they are looking for a car buying season, or back-to-school sales. The reality is if it has been a year or more, you should be comparing. Rates are constantly changing from company to company and year to year. Your own driving record may be improving as past driving mistakes age out of your record. That being said there are some times when it is of particular importance to contact your independent agent. Here are a few.

When You Reach the Age of 25

After years of very expensive young driver rates, the age of 25 can almost be magical for drivers as rates stabilize, and for safe drivers, may even decrease. When you reach 25 years old, it is time to be a bit more aggressive in your comparison shopping. Our independent agents can help.

When You Get Married

Most automobile insurance companies see married people as a bit more settled and responsible. This frequently leads to lower auto insurance premiums after tying the knot. It is important to contact your independent auto insurance agent, especially if there is a name change. Interestingly enough, you and your spouse may also qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

When You are Comparing Vehicles to Purchase

In reality, not enough people check on the impact different vehicle choices can make on the car insurance rates. If you are concerned about your monthly car payment, you should be concerned with your insurance payment. Contact us before making the final choice to make a fully informed decision on your next vehicle.

Are you paying too much for car insurance? Do you even know? Finding out is easy when you connect with one of our independent automobile insurance agents. Answer a few questions, and they will do the comparison shopping for you, and yes, it is just that easy. Contact one of our agents today!

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