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As the weather starts warming up, everyone is drawn to the Vitamin D and warmth radiating from the Sun. There are no more icy roads or frigid wind, and motorcyclists are taking full advantage of it. Wouldn’t you? Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? It’s so beautiful and liberating. The sense of freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle really gets your adrenaline pumping—so does the fear of the traffic around you, I’ll bet.

Being in a car accident is terrible and causes you pain beyond what you’d expect. Can you imagine being hit by a car while on a bike? You’re just out for a joyride after a stressful day and—BOOM.

Watch out for motorcycles. Always be on the lookout. They’re tiny and they take up such a small portion of your line of vision. Motorcycles are also loud—listen for them. If you think you may hear one behind you, double-check your blind spot before changing lanes. If there’s a bike in front of you, don’t follow too closely. Give them space.

In accidents between cars and motorcycles, the car is typically at fault. Be alert on the roads. Being aware of the potential dangers of car vs. motorcycle can help decrease accidents—and prevent accidentally injuring or killing another human being.

 By: KayLynn

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