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Insurance agents are basically salesman. Right? They are selling you a product. Although their product is essential for your assets, they still have to convince you to buy something. Convincing you to buy their product is about explaining to you why you need their product and how it will benefit you. Besides selling you something, they are informing you and helping you in case of an unforeseen event. It takes a special individual to be a great insurance agent.

I have listed a few qualities of a successful insurance agent that you should look for.


  1. A successful agent is a huge people person. You can recognize this by the way they talk to you. Communication is key for a “people person.” If your agent is smooth-talking, confident in his/her abilities to help you, and genuine, you’ve got a solid agent to purchase your insurance from.
  2. This quality makes for a good agent because they must find confidence even through rejection. If this person seems persistent, that’s not annoying, it’s a great thing. They are well-informed in the product he/she is selling you, regardless of you hesitating to add on those extra coverages. Your agent knows you need it.
  3. This is so important. A good agent won’t try to tack on multiple, meaningless coverages for a more expensive policy. He/she will put your needs before the desire to make a higher commission by selling a more expensive policy to you. They will be honest about whether you need additional coverages on your policy.
  4. Try to get a feel for your agent. A great agent will truly listen to your need and be understanding. He/she will make sure they know exactly what coverages you need for your valuable assets.
  5. Make sure before you call an agent that they are licensed, specifically in your state.

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