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The People You May Face From an Injury Liability Claim at Your Home

It can be hard to put a face on those who may sue you after sustaining an injury on your property. After all, few imagine those people as being someone we would know, like a friend or relative. The reality is it could be any of a whole host of people who may step on your property. Here are just a few.

Your Neighbor

Even if you get along with those you live near, that can change after a painful accident or injury in your home or on your property. It’s probably not too difficult to imagine a conversation that starts with “look, nothing personal, BUT…”

A Package Delivery Person

Americans are shopping online more than ever. That means more packages from a variety of companies being carried to our front door. If one of those delivery people trips on an uneven walkway or otherwise injures themselves, you could be held liable. And you thought your biggest concern was porch pirates.

Food Delivery People

Even if you don’t frequently order food delivered to your home online, you still probably order an occasional pizza delivery. No matter how much you tip, it may not help you if that delivery person hurts themselves in a trip and fall on your property.

Your Lawn Care Person

What bad can possibly happen when those on your property are using powerful, gas-powered equipment? A thrown rock, dip in the yard or low hanging branch can easily cause an injury that could lead to a claim against you.


Having the family over for a celebration? What if Aunt Mary falls down a few stairs after tripping on some loose carpeting? What if your young cousin Evan has to go to the hospital for a dog bite after tormenting your Yorkie? Yes, family is family, but hospital and medical costs can be expensive. It’s not that hard to imagine.

The importance of the liability portion of your homeowners’ insurance cannot be overestimated. But do you know what your coverage details are? What will you be covered for and for how much? For a no obligation home insurance review, contact one of our independent insurance agents. They can help you understand your coverage and may even be able to save you on an updated policy. Connect with one of our agents to learn more today!

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