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Remember back in the day, when someone asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you said “An Insurance agent!”

No? Oh, okay, well, maybe most people don’t say that. Most people just end up in the industry and they like it enough to stick around. The industry is made up of the Baby Boomers, and they’ve been working with insurance for decades. Hundreds are retiring every day. The millennials are taking over.

What characteristics about the Millennials make them good replacements for the Boomers in the insurance industry?

Millennials love challenges. The industry is constantly changing, leaving new things for you to learn every day.

They expect decent pay. Today’s society in America is nothing if not expensive. They expect their pay to reflect their ambitious attitudes and support them comfortably.

They are technological savvy. Having experience with technology helps them to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. They know how to work the computer’s programs.

They know how to communicate. Communication is key. They know how to prevent offending anyone and can be humorous and respectful at the same time.

They appreciate meaningful work. Insurance impacts every single person, and through insurance they can truly benefit someone and help them through a rough time.

 By: KayLynn

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