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How to Save on a Car Loan

Consumers will often take their time in reviewing the types of models of vehicles to fit their needs. They then may take time negotiating their best price. They may turn around and spend more than they have to on a car loan.

Three major factors impact the overall cost of a car loan. First, is the amount of money you finance. The more money you borrow, the more costly your loan will be. Second, is the length of time your loan will take to pay back. The longer you have use of the bank’s money, the more you will pay for it. Finally, the third factor is the interest rate. The higher the rate, the more interest you pay. Poor credit will often result in a higher interest rate. 

Here are some tips for paying less for your next car loan.

Save for a Larger Down Payment.

If you can put off buying a car for a few months and save a larger down payment, it can impact your car payments for years. You may even be able to pay off your car sooner.

Shop for Interest Rates.

Many consumers make the mistake of thinking car loan interest rates are the same or very similar. There can be dramatic differences in what the interest rate you pay with good credit from a bank and what you may pay at a “buy here, pay here” lot.

Shorten your loan Payback Term

If you can shorten your car loan from five years to four it will increase your payments slightly, but you can save an entire year of payments and interest.

Consider Leasing

If the lowest monthly payments are your goal, leasing may be your best option.Leasing is often only available on new car purchases, however.

Consider Pre-Owned Over New

A late-model pre-owned car can often be significantly less expensive than new. This is frequently due to the previous owner absorbing a chunk of the original depreciation. Many late-model used cars still carry the balance of the car’s new car warranty as well.

Of course, another way you can save on overall driving expenses is to be diligent in your search for automobile insurance. Contact one of our independent insurance agents for the help you need in comparing rates. You always remain in control of your choice. Connect with us to get the coverage you deserve at a rate you can be comfortable with. 


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