Small Choices That Can Make Big Differences in Your Health

Small Choices That Can Make Big Differences in Your Health

There are times we face big challenges. The doctor gives us some bad news, we get out of breath when playing with our kids or grandkids. The number on the scale reaches an unacceptable number. These are times many will commit to big changes. It could be an intense exercise regimen or a decision to go Vegan. Yes, there are times when we feel we must make an epic change in our life, and there is nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, we can make significant changes in how healthy we are, how we feel, and how much we weigh by making a series of smaller “better lifestyle” decisions that may not be as dramatic, but that can get us on the right path.

What are some of these “little changes” that can lead to a significantly healthier lifestyle? They may not be as difficult as you think.

Park Away From an Entrance

Isn’t it ironic that the parking spaces closest to the entrance of a health club are taken? Whether you are shopping, going to the doctor or to a movie, park far enough away from the entrance to get at least a little exercise.

Add a Glass of Water to Your Daily Diet

Replace a coffee, tea, soda or beer with a glass of cold, refreshing water. It is just one drink a day, but your body will appreciate it.

Take the Stairs

Alright, you get a pass if you live or work on the 15th floor. Just be conscious that the stairs are usually a better, healthier choice than the elevator.

Add More “Green”

More simply said, eat more green vegetables. A burger and fries and a pepperoni pizza may fill the belly, but you need your greens. Choose a salad now and then or even (ugh) order a side of Brussels sprouts or broccoli.

Take Up a Physical Hobby or Sport

You don’t have to become an MMA fighter or play hockey to get healthier. Maybe go for a walk, jog, play golf or tennis or swim. Dust off that old bike. Binging on videos is not a sport. Getting outside and moving is.
You don’t have to make a big move to start towards a solid life insurance program. Starts with the basics in covering your final expenses. As you stretch your loss-prevention muscles, you can increase coverage to pay for your home, living expenses and even college for your kids. The key is to get started, and we would be proud to help. Contact us and let us know where you are in your life insurance journey. Connect with one of our independent insurance agents today.


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