Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp

Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp

Are you overspending? Owe too much on credit cards, monthly bills or just can’t afford some things you’d like? Maybe you need to save up for a vacation or a down payment on a home. You can do it! It just may take a visit to Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp.

Here, you may have to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle, but it could be just for a designated time (3 months, six months, a year). You’ll also be required to track your results, by putting cash saved into an envelope, account or at the very least by tracking it.

At Mr. Cheapo’s Bootcamp, choose from a variety of tasks to accomplish to save you real money while in the camp, putting it toward your chosen goal. It is not easy, but remember, it doesn’t have to be forever, just until you get better financially.

Minimize Driving

Walk or bike to short errands. You’ll feel better physically and save miles and money. When you do drive, consciously consolidate errands.

Make Big Adjustments to Your Thermostat

Can you live in your house with temperatures five degrees warmer or cooler? Sure you can, if it is just temporary, and you want to achieve a goal.

Brown Bag it for Lunch

Even if you eat lunch at home, go full-on brown bag with a sandwich and a piece of fruit. You can make a lot of sandwiches with a loaf of bread, some peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish and/or lunch meat.

Avoid Eating Out for Dinner

The price of a fancy dinner with drinks might just buy a whole week’s worth of groceries. Start cooking at home. If you need a night out, just take advantage of happy hour drinks and dine at home or skip the expensive adult beverages when dining out. Remember, you are not just saving on your bill but the tips and transportation too!

Surgically Remove Yourself From Electronics

Get a cheaper phone or phone plan, cut the cable, eliminate home internet and use public Wi-Fi and watch a month of classics on DVDs from the library or catch up on reading. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call asking for a less expensive plan. If you can’t remove yourself digitally, look for cheaper alternatives and bank the difference.

Look at All Your Bills

How did you get here? What is necessary and what is not. What could you eliminate if you absolutely had too?

You may even be able to save of items like life insurance. Term insurance, for example, is less expensive than whole or permanent insurance. If you have any questions, we would be pleased to help. Connect with one of our independent agents to get a no obligation quote. We look forward to helping you save money!


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