7 Things to Rid Your Home of NOW

7 Things to Rid Your Home of NOW

There’s an interesting thing that happens if you decide to sell your home. You immediately look at the things that you were okay living with but now must upgrade before you sell.

Whether you are considering selling or not, here are some things about your home you should immediately consider changing.

An HVAC System That’s Over 20 Years Old

You may be counting your blessings if you have a heating and air conditioning system that has provided you with over 20 years of service. In reality, it may actually be costing you money each month. Older HVAC units are very inefficient and use far more power than today’s models. It is believed that 80% of your energy bill goes to powering your HVAC. Maybe it is time to be proactive.

That Old Refrigerator in the Garage

Garages across America have old, sometimes very old, refrigerators in their garages that used to serve as their kitchen refrigerator. There are two big problems here. Old refrigerators are very inefficient and may cost you $50 or more monthly just to operate. The fact that these refrigerators are operating in hot, non-air-conditioned garages doesn’t help. You may be better off buying a small apartment-size refrigerator instead.

1970s Style Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are terrific. If, however, you have ceiling fans from the 1970s in rooms in your home, it’s time to upgrade. Modern fans look better and are more efficient, and they are also an affordable way to upgrade a room or two or three.

Fluorescent Tube Lighting

Fluorescent tube lighting is no longer acceptable in garages and basements, and certainly not in kitchens or bathrooms. Modern LED lighting looks SO much better, offers better lighting and is far more energy efficient. You don’t have to worry about those big old tubes that don’t seem to match and flicker too often.

Ungrounded Wall Sockets

If you are using three to two-prong adapters anywhere in your home, it is time for an upgrade. If your home is old enough to have ungrounded sockets, it may have other wiring concerns as well, including an outdated fuse box or power panel. Call an electrician.

Half-Empty Paint Cans

Don’t be ashamed. You are not alone. But at some point, you need to recognize that a five-year-old, quarter gallon of paint is not going to provide value. Store paint colors in a file on your phone and contact your community for proper disposal techniques.

Single Pane Windows

Like replacing an outdated HVAC system, new windows and doors won’t be inexpensive but can pay in energy savings, added value to your home, better security, and even a quieter home. If you have older 1970s and 1980s style single-pane windows, start doing some research.

Keeping up with a home is not easy. Keeping your home insurance updated is. Contact one of our independent home insurance specialists for a free insurance review and price quote.


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