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“More” Which State Has the Most……

It is no doubt states are competitive. Everyone wants bragging rights in one area or another. Here is another edition of “Which states have the most…”


It may be surprising to learn that the state with the most public airports in the United States is Alaska. Alaska has 549 airports, due to the expansive area the state covers and how remote many of its communities are. California is next, with  522 public airports.

“Rails to Trails” Bike Trails

Many states have embraced efforts to convert old railroad tracks into biking and hiking trails that don’t allow motor vehicles. The “Rails to Trails” efforts began in the Midwest and that is where the states with the most extensive trail systems exist. At the top of the list is Michigan with 2,365 miles of trails, followed by Wisconsin and Minnesota. Pennsylvania is 4th on the list with about 1,740 miles of converted railways.

McDonald’s Restaurants

It seems there’s a McDonald’s at just about every exit along any freeway across the country. In fact, there are over 13,000 McDonald’s locations across the country with three states accounting for almost 25% of them. California leads the pack with 1,221 McDonald’s restaurants, Texas has 834 locations with Florida home to 728 homes of the Golden Arches. In case you are wondering, North Dakota has the fewest McDonald’s locations, with just 28 statewide.

Toll Roads

Florida is the undisputed champion when it comes to toll road miles in the United States. The Sunshine State has 719 miles of toll roads along with a number of toll bridges. Pennsylvania is a distant second at just over 500 miles of toll roads.

National Parks

California has nine national parks, followed by Alaska with eight. In third place is Utah with five, followed by Colorado with four.

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