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Independent Insurance Agents and Business Insurance

Why are independent insurance agents better suited to assist business owners, especially small and medium business owners? The answer is simple. It is because they have so much in common. It is a matter of mission, attitude, and resources.

An independent insurance agent, like a businessman owner, answers first and foremost to his customers. Our independent agents aren’t working for a single large insurance company. We work on behalf of our clients to find them the best price and products and to provide superior customer service. We know, like our business owner clients, that the key to success is providing quality products at the best possible price. Because we are independent agents, we can offer business insurance plans from a variety of insurance companies to best suit the needs of our customers. We are not held captive by one large company.

As independent agents, we understand we must be competitive to win. We understand that by working with our business owner clients to keep their costs down, it helps them stay competitive. We, in essence, serve as their partners in helping them compete. That is part of our job as independent insurance agents.

Being an independent insurance agency is also a part of whom we are, and how we want to conduct business. We provide our clients with options and choices to best serve their particular needs. We are not a “one size fits all” agency. Like you and your business, we must adapt, improve and keep earning the business of our customers. This keeps us sharp and it keeps us competitive.

As a business owner, you probably have frequently been in a position to ask a prospective client to give you an opportunity to earn their business. That is what we are asking. We are an independent insurance agency who understands your challenges as a small to medium business and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Contact us for a no-obligation business insurance review and a potentially money-saving quote. Let’s work together towards your success.

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