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Five Unusual and Weird Tourist Attractions in the United States

Ready to break loose with some Chevy Chase-style inspired vacation destinations? Here are a few that may be a bit off the beaten path but will certainly provide some memories.

The Corn Palace

The name alone is enough to make the drive to Mitchell, South Dakota. The Corn Palace is actually a multi-purpose building that serves as a location for concerts, conventions, athletic competitions and entertainment. What makes it the “Corn Palace”? Every year the entire exterior is decorated in natural corn and corn products. Yes, each and every year. Two things you should know. This is the ONLY corn palace in the world. It is also Mitchell’s premier attraction. You can’t argue with that.

The Field of Dreams

Why go to Dyersville, Iowa? Because the movie told us “Build it, and they will come.” We continue to do so. The whole thing is magically weird. The actual location, including the original house in the Kevin Costner classic “Field of Dreams”, still stands and is visited by tens of thousands annually. They’ll come to Iowa for reasons they can’t even fathom.” Yes, they do. But if you are a baseball fan or love the movie you’ll be glad you made the trek.

Largest Ball of Twine

If you intend to see the world’s largest ball of twine, you need to define your expectations. The largest ball of twine made by multiple people (a community) is in Cawker, Kansas. The largest one made by a single person is 12 feet in diameter and weighs about 17,500 lbs. and can be seen in Darwin, Minnesota. The heaviest twine ball is in Nebagamon, Wisconsin and the heaviest nylon twine ball is in Branson, Missouri. So much string and so little twine.

Popcorn Museum

A museum dedicated to popcorn? Well, not exactly. Located in Marion, Ohio, the Wyandot Popcorn Museum is located in an old post office and is a tribute to all things’ popcorn, and more. You’ll find antique popcorn popping wagons, vending machines and packaging as well as some random weirdness like a stuffed horse. By the way, Marion is also the home of President Warren G, Harding and is a favorite place to visit for rail fans. You could spend a whole day here.

London Bridge

Next to the Grand Canyon, can you name the most visited tourist attraction in Arizona? It’s the London Bridge. Yes, the real London Bridge was disassembled and reassembled and now is located at Lake Havasu, Arizona. The whole project cost about 2.5 million dollars at the time, quite the bargain for the second most visited tourist attraction in the state.

These may not exactly be tourist destinations, but they will provide some interesting photo ops and memories in the years to come. Get creative with your vacation and add some unusual stops along the way!

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